Frequently Ask Questions
It is Electronic Vehicle Registration System portal that automates online registration and renewal for all types of Motor Vehicles nationwide.
You have to provide the following items before your Vehicle can be registered: a. Attestation letter from the company of purchase; b. Receipt of Purchase/Invoice; c. Delivery note from the company of purchase d. Proof of Ownership of the car e. A valid and current Driver′s License. f. Any means of Identification such as Voters Card, National Identity Card and International passport g. Proof of current address (You can make use of your Utility Bill) h. Passport photograph of the car owner.
All Vehicles that are road worthy and meet all necessary requirements of FRSC/VIO in Nigeria can be registered no matter the year of Manufacture
YES. Payments can be made by Online Banking, Debit Card, and Credit Card.
Yes, you will receive a 30 days SMS reminder notification once you are registered on our portal.
Yes, every Vehicle owner gets an SMS alert from Kadvreg immediately it has been registered or renewed. Vehicle owners should register with their personal mobile phone number and organisation with their corporate numbers.
Every Vehicle that meet all Necessary requirements and all documents updated can have access to ply all Nigerian roads.