The purpose of the Kaduna Infrastructure Master Plan (KADIMP) is to consolidate and systematise our approach and strategy towards a coordinated and purposeful long-term infrastructure development in the State. Through this Plan, we seek to develop the Eastern Sector of Kaduna city to promote the orderly expansion of the metropolis. This will include residential and commercial areas. Convinced that industrial development is the bedrock of any modern economy, we also intend to strengthen the industrial base of Kaduna State. Industrial growth requires a strong infrastructure foundation, and this is one of the priorities for revitalising Kaduna as a commercial and industrial hub of northern Nigeria. The timing of the launch of the Kaduna Infrastructure Master Plan is in line with the 2018 Budget of Consolidation that is designed to complete many projects across the State. Since 2015, we commenced massive inter-city, township and feeder roads that are now at various stages of completion. Moreover, many schools are being rebuilt, hospitals are being upgraded and equipped, water works are being refitted, and rehabilitation centres are being fixed. These are complemented with the construction and rehabilitation of industrial infrastructure. All of these give us the hope that we can achieve our dream of the restoration of Kaduna as a modern and inclusive state. KADIMP is premised on the Kaduna Master Plan that was first published in 1967, and updated in 2010, with a view to shaping a conducive environment in which the people of Kaduna can promote their institutions, economy and well-being. The Plan will also ensure that by 2050 Kaduna becomes a role model for Nigeria’s urban development, leveraging its strategic location in the northern urban corridor (Abuja-KadunaZaria-Kano)....download file to continue Reading.

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